Mother Trucker


Phillip Austin cut his teeth as a singer/songwriter from Oklahoma playing the Honkytonks and dive bars in Nashville.  After paying his dues on Broadway and spending a few nights in the Davidson County Jail he set out on a grand adventure across the United States looking for a new place to call home. 10,000 miles, 18 states and 57 breweries later he was drawn to the wide open spaces of Central Oregon.  Bend  would be where the Great Plains Drifter finally threw out the anchor and put together an Outlaw Country band.

Other Truckers


Philip Wallce Lead Gutar

Philip  “Cornhead” Wallace was born 1964 in the Southeast Texas town of  Beaumont. He was the youngest of 5 children and his considerably older  siblings exposed him to the popular music of their teen years. He  learned to play guitar from his older brothers and never looked back. He  has lived in Austin, TX and Nashville. It was in Nashville that he had  the good fortune of playing the Grand Ole Opry not once but twice,  played the Conan O’Brien show and toured the country extensively. He has  a passion for big guitar sounds and always turns it to eleven. When  approaching “Cornhead”, move slowly, he drinks a lot of coffee!

‘The Outlaw Jozee Moss’ 

on Pedal Steel, Mandolin and Fiddle

Jozee Wales on anything and everyone.  After the war Jozee was determined to live a useful and purposeful life helping out his fellow man.  He laid his pistols down and found his calling in the form of six strings.  After joining up with the Outlaw Country group ‘The Sleepless Truckers’ Jozee found himself  a wanted man.  Rarely is there a happy ending in his line of work.  There's always another trail to ride, a bounty to collect, and rifts to shred. 'The Outlaw Jozee Moss' knows it's a long hard ride, but its the journey that counts so he rides on.

Noah Walden on Bass  

Noah got his big break after the flood of ‘10.  He was 500 years old when laid down his staff and picked up the bass.  Noah stayed true to his rightous self. He follows in the footsteps of his own groove, while trying to fight off the ladies and the stigma that comes with being a sexy ass Bass player. Noah is well known for  drinking gallons of wine, raising hell , and Slappin da Bass!

Jon Swift on Drums

Jon “Swifty“ Swift comes from a long line of mediocre bongo enthusiasts.  Jon first broke free of the bongos in Austin, TX back in 01’ when someone slipped a drumstick into his drink one night at the Continental Club.  It didn’t take long for young Swifty to find another drumstick and finally make it onto the Ten Most Unwanted drummers list in Austin.  After a brief stint as an unsuccessful prostitute he decided it would be worth while to take percussion seriously and start making money by sitting on his ass instead of trying to selling it.  One long week later and his dreams had come to fruition.  Swifty had got a gig at Donn’s Depot using his drumsticks to pass out free popcorn one kernal at a time.  Many years has passed since that infamous day and now Swifty uses his buttered up drumsticks to lay down groove so smooth only a record needle can follow. Oh yeah...he’s a doctor too! 

Inspired by the American Condition


Drawn to songs about the poor, hard-living working class, the good times and the bad, the beauty of life and the sorrows of death  the Sleepless Truckers bring Outlaw Country, Americana, Southern Rock and Red Dirt to the West throwing in a Central Oregon Smokey twist for a redneck tilt-a-whirl experience you won’t soon forget.



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Sleepless Truckers